ALBUM – Ray Charles ‘The Genius of Ray Charles’


Ray Charles – The Genius of Ray Charles

I really can’t say much about the genius of Ray Charles. Or do I mean, about The Genius of Ray Charles? Grammar’s important, kids.

Ray Charles is a genius. Undoubtedly. This entire album feels like a movie sound track. In fact it probably is. No one is saying he isn’t very good at what he does. We can all see that. (no pun intended, I promise).

It started off optimistically. Upbeat. Soulful. Very ‘Ray’. But I have to admit, it lost me a few tracks in. Maybe this is one of Ray’s slightly more depressed albums. Or maybe I’m just prone to depressive feelings. But I found myself feeling despondent about half way through. So much so that I stumbled heavily across the finish line half a bottle of wine down.

And now I’m drunk.

Rating: He’s a genius, but every genius makes mistakes… 


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