ALBUM – Bonobo ‘Migration’


Bonobo – Migration (Jan 2017)

Search for Bonobo and you’ll quickly find what you want.

Thousands of pictures of Pygmy Chimpanzees.

If you want to know about the musician Simon Green, you’re better off typing in ‘Bonobo music’…

..You choose.

Loads of accolades have been thrown around about Bonobo’s work…

‘Quite nice’

I, however, think he’s one of the best things to come out of Brighton since Daniel and Oliver from ‘The Undateables’.

Although FatBoy Slim, Adele, Zoe Ball and Steve Coogan are all from there too, but he’s at least top 7.

Migration, his latest album is magic though* (*Disclaimer – I can’t guarantee you will be able to perform magic with this album). It’s one of those collections of music that rarely features a lyric, but when it does – the voice is bloody dreamy.

Its relaxing electronic music, that you could probably do yoga to – but I’d suggest whacking this on in an evening and feeling inspired to do something creative.

Rating: Dope album, Not enough monkeys.


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