ALBUM – The Weeknd ‘Starboy’


The Weeknd – ‘Starboy’

I’m a, I’m a, I’m a, I’m a starboy.

He sounds like a 10 year old looking for approval from his mother after he scored a goal against his teddy bear in the garden.

In many ways, he is.

Except older, more self-assured and not a football player.

I reckon he’s got a teddy though.

The Weeknd is critically acclaimed, on numerous occasions, not least for his changing hairstyle. But with Starboy, he’s gone for for a short, back and sides.


Every time I type ‘The Weeknd’ autocorrect hates me. Which suggests to me that he DELIBERATELY took one ‘e’ out of his name. It wasn’t an accident…

…Bloody popstars.

An album that only on vary rare occasions grabs my interest. Maybe I’m becoming more of a weekday kinda guy, or maybe its just generic R&B.

You decide…

Rating: Worth a listen – but only once all the way through.


3 thoughts on “ALBUM – The Weeknd ‘Starboy’

      1. Same here man, the Daft Punk stuff is a highlight though I felt Starboy could have been a lot better. Actually did a remix of it myself to make it what I wanted it to be. Party Monster and Sidewalks are pretty good as well but overall Beauty was a much better album no?


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