ALBUM – The 1975 ‘I Like it When You Sleep, for You are So Beautiful yet so Unaware of it’


The 1975 – I Like it when You sleep, for You are so Beautiful yet so Unaware of it.

And the award for most ridiculously long album title goes to….

It can go in their collection along with ‘Highest numerically valued band name’ and ‘Band who use the definite article least correctly in their name’.

I listened to this today following their Brits win last night.

And following their drug scandal which they’ll be hoping to keep under the table.

I enjoyed both.

Despite the creepy undertones of the title. Actually, no. It isn’t even ‘undertones’, its full on tones.

Creepy tones.

It’s an excellent collection of music IN SPITE OF the creepy tones implied by the album name.

Well done The 1975, you made good music in a shit year and used the guise of another year to sneak up on us and attack our ears with your instruments.

Musical instruments…

I’ll have none of your creepy undertones…

Rating: 1974 out of 1975


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