ALBUM – Stormzy ‘Gang, Signs and Prayer’


Stormzy – Gang, Signs and Prayer

Look at him.

Looking like some kind of metaphorical grime Jesus.

Except with lyrics instead of bread, and rhymes instead of wine.

An album that addresses depression, success, hard work, culture and boots.

And Stormzy’s are size 12 apparently.

Any bigger and he’d have to shop at ‘Big and Tall’.

And that’s not cool.

Trust me.

Look, someone like me talking about grime could easily be mistaken as a pathetic comedy routine with hints towards a Partridge-esque era.

But this album really is filled with great banter…

Seriously – an album I’ll be listening to for some time now.

And not because I’m listening to it really slowly…

Rating: I wouldn’t put Stormzy in a teacup, you’d end up with a terrible mess.


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